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Facial Recognition

The Best-Performing Face Recognition for Inner Range

Automate no-contact entry with SAFR face recognition

Integrated with Inner Range Integriti system to unlock doors and grant access to known individuals,  SAFR provides more than only a simple access control by face. Real-time data about the people moving throughout your space such as demographic composition, age, sentiment, dwell and traversal times are just some examples of features available at the same license.

Moreover, SAFR gives spot trends insights such as identifying tailgating or congested entry points to optimize operational efficiency and increase security during peak times

Enhanced intelligence for Inner Range
Improve traffic flow and security with SAFR, the premier facial recognition platform, combined with Integriti, the best in class access control system, working as a single entity.

Touchless authentication
Seamless entry with face recognition and registered-person database lookup. No cards needed and no-contact sensing.

Double authentication by Smile
Face Recognition + Smile detection can be used to enhance access control and trigger actions as door
unlocking or attendance check-in.

Attendance control
Attendance report generated daily with full list of present and absent people along with dwell times. Additionally, alarms and notifications can be set for a specific absence.

Live Analytics
See and respond to bottlenecks with live analytics on demographic composition, age, gender, sentiment, dwell and traversal times, queue length, wait times and passage count.

Configurable Alerts
Custom alarms instantly notify security personnel when persons of interest enter or leave a monitored area. Easily configure a variety of automated responses to detection and recognition events.