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With over 20 years in the security industry and over 30 years of providing electronic solutions to technology sectors within construction, banking, defence, education, IT & government, our role has become that of an educator, helping people to make informed decisions.

For venues with high traffic peaks, security poses specific challenges. Time & Focus has extensive experience with these challenges and will solve them with AI-enabled tools.


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INNOVARE Security Distribution is proud to be a partner with Time & Focus, their understanding of the security market from the feedback INNOVARE have had from end users that have engaged Time & Focus is outstanding. Also, their customer service and support are 100%, giving them the edge over their competitors

Mark Timmins

National Sales Manager INNOVARE Security Distribution

As chairman of the 186 lot mixed-use strata in Sydney, I had very rarely seen the camera system in action, that was the domain of the Building Manager. After the Building Manager gained a quote over $60,000 to upgrade, I started to do my investigation and working backwards from the international camera supplier within three calls I had found Dean Hobin.

Within a concise period of time he came, had a look at what we had and gave a quote. We used some of the cameras on-site and upgraded the camera software and computer hardware. When our first system was put in the guys installed it and left, I never realized what a difference could be made simply by fine tuning the cameras and software. The results have taken our system from passive monitored to active monitored. It has reduced search time from hours to less than 30 minutes and has given Police high-resolution footage that leaves no doubt of who we are looking for.

To track between cameras following movement has also been streamlined. Covid 19 has put stress on us all and having a fully functioning camera system is just one less worry when trying to operate a safe building. Being in the role of Chairman for 4 years, I can say that if every person I dealt with in the operation was as easy to deal with and as professional as Dean life would be very simple.

We look forward to a long term relationship with Dean, knowing this part of our operation is working as it should and at a cost that is very realistic

Colin Campbell

Oaks Sydney Hyde Park Suites, Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites


CCTV (IP Video Surveillance)

The Customized solutions based on video technology with Artificial Intelligence,  not only provide comprehensive security, but also enable great savings and profit potential through process optimization.

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company or business data.

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Keep your Business in front of Threats and Malicious Attacks

Safeguard your personal or business data behind our state-of-the-art Layer 7 Firewall protection app protection.

Providing your business, the best of cyber security services for protection against cybercrimes is no more a choice but a necessity. The global cyber threat is evolving continuously; hence Cyber Security consulting becomes a crucial part of a secured enterprise. 

This gives rise to the need of a competent cyber security consulting firm that can assist in smooth functioning of an enterprise by offering the best of cyber security services. It is often difficult for businesses to choose the best of Cyber Security company for their businesses.



Facial Recognition

Utilising big data from CCTV to provide AI analytics for behavioural analysis, facial recognition, personal safety and delivering outcomes that meet customers' needs.
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Security Solutions

We choose the best products and services available that the market has to offer, and are always striving for excellence at a fair price.


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